Tuesday, January 26, 2010

It's about dang time

So it's been like a week and a half since the last D&D game and I keep forgetting to post something about it, so I'm going to now.

Our heroes had a somewhat...unconventional time, but fun nonetheless (I think). Father Dumas has moved them to a local inn known for catering to Adventurers, as he cannot afford to look after them as much any more. Darthinian and Robespierre met up with 2 new characters (whose names escape me at the moment, due to their character sheets being at home, and one of them not even being names yet...), a Rhulic cleric and his Ogrun barbarian bokur. They are out seeking their fortunes and trying to find and help out other Rhulic enclaves, and stopped off for the time being in Corvis.

Darthinian managed to convince the others to go in with him on a heist and try to steal a shipment of steamjack parts bound for one of the factories in the city. After much planning, it was decided that Darthinian (with this experience as a sailor) would try to jump down from one the bridges spanning the river, infiltrate the crew, and try and find out where the goods were stashed. The ogrun would then meet up with them on the dock, move onto the ship, and start unloading boxes of the parts into the back of a wagon being manned by the two dwarves (Robespierre and the cleric). In, out, easy money.

Well, the day started out badly. It was cold and drizzly, with a fog clinging to the river and really limiting visibility. Everyone waited in their appropriate spots, until Darthinian saw the ship coming through the fog. He grabbed his rope and made a lasso, throwing it off the bridge to grab the top of a mast and swing down into the rigging, but...well, he managed to catch the mast, but got his foot tangled in the rope. Realizing that as the ship was going to go under the bridge (and thereby drag him off rather ingloriously) he tried to about by grabbing his hatchet and cutting the rope, but between the slippery rain and his haste he couldn't get it, and he was dragged over the edge, falling down into the rigging and getting tangled up. As he tried to free himself he actually fell further and got more tangled, making enough noise in the process to attract the attention of the crew, who came to investigate. Thinking fast, he began sobbing and acting suicidal, and they bought that he was just a jumper who had botched his suicide attempt, taking him down to the deck. Feeling suspicious, the captain told him to just stay put and that he could disembark when they made port shortly. Darthinian was unable to convince the captain that he should huddle below deck for a few minutes to get out of the cold.

Meanwhile, on the docks, the ogrun was standing around trying to fit in and not look conspicuous - and doing a rather poor job of it. The authorities were alerted, and had been watching him for some time by the time the ship made berth and he began toward it. They intercepted him and told him that he should probably leave peaceably, and he told them to get out of his way. When they refused to comply he decided to try and grab one to intimidate them both. He grabbed him, but the guard, being a trained soldier and all, was able to push him away and brandish his halberd. The other guard lunged forward and impaled him in the side with his halberd, nearly disembowling him, but yet he survived due to his mighty ogrun constitution. He took the hint and backed away, meeting up with the others to lick their wounds and escape back to the inn.

It was all in all an unsuccessful venture, but considering it was 100% player created, run, and executed, I think it was a successful experiment. I'll probably put in a little more structure in the future, but if the players want to create their own adventure like this, I'm glad to know they can.

It's also worth noting that I've never seen as many failed rolls in a row as Jaime rolled for Darthinian. It was spectacular.

I am going to shoot for having another game on Saturday, January 30th from probably 3 to 7 or so. Jaime is a "mostly sure" confirmation, and hopefully Laurie, Robby, James, and KC are free. There will also hopefully be a guest appearance from Jason Tarpley,who will be in town for the weekend.

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