Monday, January 11, 2010

New system/rules

I'm posting a lot today. I guess it's because it's the first day and I have a lot to work out.

There are a few new rules I'd like to try and iron the kinks out of, as well as a particular problem Robby brought to my attention.

Resolve Tokens
These tokens represent the party's combined will and ability to complete tasks every day. They can be used in a number of ways, and are always considered a communal resource.
Resolve tokens always reset to full after a full 6-hour rest.
The party gains 5 Resolve tokens per member in the party at the start of each day.
Each token represents roughly a couple "man-hours" as it were, with more tokens not necessarily representing more time, but more people helping to accomplish the same tasks in less time. This allows many actions to be tried again if they are failed, like searching the same area again by just spending more time doing it.
1. A resolve token can be used to move 5 spaces. Moving from a space with a major road to another with a major road counts as half a space for this purpose, so characters can cover twice the distance by going along the main thoroughfares. This is just meant to represent that the characters can't go infinite distance every day, and travelling across town by itself can be tiring, before any adventuring is done at all.
2. A resolve token can be spent for the party to search the hex they're in for a particular person, place, or thing. This will be treated as a communal action, with a primary participant and everyone else helping him/her.
3. This one I'm less certain of, but I'm thinking about letting the resolve tokens be expended in combat by a character for something along the lines of adding +1 to a roll per token spent - essentially letting the party go all-out if they need to at the expense of being totally exhausted when they're done. I think I'll try it out in a couple of games before committing to it, but it's definitely an idea.

The Level Issue
Robby brought up a good point that I'm not entirely sure of how to deal with. If there is a revolving door of players every session, some are by nature going to be a higher level than others. This leads to a problem where you might have a party of some particularly good adventurers and some particularly weak adventurers. I might institute a thing where I auto-correct people of dramatically lower level up to some semblance of usefulness. I don't like doing this, but if the characters are supposedly going off and doing their own thing outside the confines of the party, there's some logic to it.

Since it (hopefully) won't come into play for a while, I don't intend to address the issue right now, but if anyone has any ideas about how to deal with this I'd appreciate the input.

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