Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Gun Corps and Photography

I finished painting my Hammerfell High Shield Gun Corps, and I wanted to test out photographing models/units with more scenic terrain. Considering I literally just arranged some terrain bits on the box I prime models on and took a picture on my camera (with a good light, I might add), I'm rather pleased with the result. The Gun Corps have taken up a defensive position in some ruins, preparing for an incursion. With only marginally more work I feel that I can achieve much cooler looking scenes with my models. I'll have to try more later.

Thursday, November 1, 2012

Impossible Dream finale

Well, I promised pictures, so here they are: The pitiful offering for October's Impossible Dream. By my math I got 24 points painted. Not terrible, but not the 50 I was going for. I'll try to get more done in November, and hopefully I can finish what I started.

Jarok Croe and his motley band of cutthroats. 10 pts.

Zombie pirate riflemen. I can't stand having duplicates of the same model, so I got some "alts". 3 pts.

Wroughthammer Rockram front. 8 pts.

Wroughthammer Rockram back

Revenant Canon Crew. 3 pts. Someday they'll really impress me...

New Plan:
Alexia and Risen: 5 points (about 20 models)
Hammerfell Gun Corps and UA: 8+2 points (10+2 models)
Devil Dogs: 7 points (10 models)
The Kraken: 19 points (1 really big model)
TOTAL: 41 points

I think I can do that in November...yeah right.