Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Resurgence Tournament

Well, Saturday was the Warmachine Resurgence Tournament for Brookhurst Hobbies, celebrating the release of the Warmachine Prime MKII rulebook.

The tournament was set up so that it was increasing in point size each game, the first game being a 35 point, the second 50 points, and the final round a massive 75 point game. I brought a list with Master Necrotech Mortenebra that followed her progression with her most trusted Necrotech and best Necrosurgeon as they set out to build a powerful army for Cryx from the armies of lesser nations. It was a really fun tournament, and all 3 games I won by caster assassination, scoring barely any control points. The combination of Mortenebra's Terminal Velocity spell with her Overrun spell and a selection of helljacks is just absolutely brutal. I think for the time being I'm going to retire her from play and try out other casters. For the next tournament I'll probably try to run Asphyxious or Terminus and see how I do with them.

Anyway, the first game I played against Khador with Vlad, the second against Cygnar with Darius, and the third against Cygnar again with Kraye. I beat them all and ended up trying for first place with a guy who played Retribution - we both had the exact same number of tournament points and the same strength of schedule. The TO had an extra Merc coin to give out (since there were no Merc players there) so we decided that first place would get the overall champoin coin while the other would get the merc coin, as well as their respective best in faction coins. We decided to settle it with a D6 roll, and I rolled a 5 and he rolled a 4. So I came out in first place, getting 2 coins for my work and having a great day to top it off.

As a side note, I think every tournament list I make from here on out is going to have an Ogrun Bokur in it, if for no other reason then to flip Eiryss the bird. The first and third games I played both had the elf, and many other players there had her. If other people want to cheese up their list with a 3 point bitch, I'm willing to put in my 3 point Ogrun Elf Insurance (TM) every time.

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