Monday, February 1, 2010

Terrain and such.

So a kind of short update:
I found some sweet terrain that I think I can use for the D&D game. It's PDFs you buy and then print out on cardstock and'll take a lot of work to make it ready to go and all that, but it's cheap as all hell and totally effective. I'll probably buy a few.

The game on Saturday fell apart, since no one ended up being available. I'll see if this Saturday ends up being better, but we'll see. For my part, the...recent events with my girlfriend mean that I now have much more free time to work with. Dang.

I have been informed to fix something - it's "Jamie" not "Jaime", and I'm told I'll be "very sorry" if I don't "correct this mistake." Best part is I'll probably make the mistake all the time after this anyway.

Going to try for a game on SATURDAY, FEBRUARY 6TH

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