Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Journeyman/Birthday Update

Happy Birthday to me! Not that I have anything birthday-related to put here, I just wanted to say that.

More than anything, I wanted to show off the start of the Cygnar Battlebox I'm working on for the Journeyman League. I've had this idea in my head for 2 years or so for a very "narrative" Cygnar experience, so here goes!

This army will represent the Cygnaran 3rd Marines, stationed out of Fort Bronson near Ceryl. It's a relatively small outpost, and not well-funded, but they've been a key part of coastal defense since the Scharde Invasions. In recent years they've seen further reductions as the war fronts have shifted more toward Khador, Llael, and the Thornwood, but they still maintain a notable presence of warjacks, troops, and landing ships ready to strike quickly at key targets.

Lately Commander Stryker has been operating out of Fort Bronson, taking direct command and leading a number of raids on the Khadoran coastline and some of the smaller Scharde Islands. These attacks are not full-scale invasions, but rather attempts to take key positions, destroy enemy supply depots, or secure valuable resources. The only warjacks ready for these initial attacks are a Charger, a Lancer, and the pride of the fort - a venerable Ironclad named Bruiser who fought with them since the Scharde Invasions. This Ironclad has been a tried-and-true part of the fort in nearly every operation, crushing thralls underfoot and developing something of a grisly habit of pounding defeated enemies into fine paste if not given further direction. Though it's against regulations, the men of Fort Bronson have attached an alchemical torch to the back of the 'jack. During battles the torch serves as a rallying point for the men, and when falling back they know that so long as they can still see it burning they can hope for victory.

The idea for this army is to have a kind of WWII Marines feel to it, very light on magic and mechanika but heavy on mundane troops and weaponry. This will be an army of Trenchers, Field Mechaniks, Defenders, and probably no Storm Knights, Stormsmith, Sword Knights, or things like that. The idea is that these men are offloaded onto a beach (the basing should reflect this) and told to storm a position, not dig in for months facing off against Khadorans. Fast moving models, ranged attacks, moderately light armor - that's the plan, at least. Warcasters will be pStryker, Kraye, either Caine, pHaley, and Siege, I think. I'm really pleased with the few minor modifications that really breath some life (and movement) into an old metal Ironclad I had. It really feels like he's ready to go smash things and act as the centerpiece of the army.

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