Friday, January 18, 2013

Cygnaran 3rd Marines Update 3

All right! Like a boss I've gotten a flurry of painting done this week! First up is the Cygnar Battlebox plus a Sentinel, for an even 15 points. Should be enough 'jacks to last me for a while. I forgot to take an all-together shot, but whatever.

This army will feature relatively few heavy warjacks, the idea being that the Marines don't have much heavy armor, but rely on light, mobile 'jacks. The Roman numeral IIIs have been recolored to represent the role they fill in the army - Light blue (the Ironclad) for infantry, yellow (the Lancer) for cavalry, red (Sentinel and Charger) for artillery. The color scheme is as follows:

Sharpshooters/scouts: Gnarls Green/Ordic Olive
General Infantry: Frostbite
Cavalry: Cygnus Yellow
Artillery: Khador Red Base
Engineers: Hammerfell Khaki
Dragoons: Ember Orange
Medical: Iosan Green (With a Red Morrowan Starburst on White background)

This color scheme will be consistant throughout the army, with individual elements like the Trencher Sniper being part of the sharpshooters and the Trencher Rifle Grenadiers part of the artillery. Should be interesting!

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