Wednesday, August 22, 2012

War Room follow up

All right, so after many software updates and trying to tell myself I wouldn't do it, I purchased the big bundle for War Room. Yes, I know, that was kind of dumb, but I kept asking myself if I would use it if I bought it, and I had to keep answering yes. So here I am, and I am really not hating it. There are far fewer bugs (though they are certainly not gone entirely), the whole program got a serious overhaul, the UI is still pretty bad for the most part, but the core functionality is there, and that what I wanted. I wanted to have all the rules handy at a glance for when I want to know the exact wording on a spell, and now I have it. Admittedly I'm probably the ideal target for this program - a rules junkie with an encyclopedic knowledge of the game who wants the latest and greatest rules and errata and doesn't need much help with list building, but so be it.

Last night I played my first game with War Room, and I have to admit I was impressed. Both players had War Room running and we connected it over the wifi and didn't pull out a single card. Getting used to not having physical cards to rummage through was weird, but after the initial confusion of figuring out where my rules were for models it was pretty easy. Damage tracking was relatively painless, rules reference was a breeze, looking up rules on my own and my opponent's models during play was incredibly useful at times (getting the exact wording of a spell he had, without tipping him off that I was looking at it was fun), and generally the program performed like it had been advertised originally.

I'm coming around on War Room. It's still not great, I doubt it will ever be a sleek piece of software, and the fact that list building frankly "sucks the big one" all mean that I'm sure a lot of people will not be investing in it. For me personally, though, I feel that I will be making ample use of the ability to access everything in the game at a moments' notice, and having the option (at least in casual play) of just forgoing cards entirely is quite a nice thought.

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