Thursday, July 7, 2011

New Campaign rules/notes

New Campaign Notes

New warcasters
- A player can add an epic (or non-epic) version of a warcaster to a detachment by paying 20-warjack points.
- This caster is now part of the roster, and either can be selected when playing a game.
- For obvious reasons, characters cannot be in more than one detachment, so you cannot buy a new detachment with an epic version of a warcaster you are already using.
- Tier list models can be included in the detachment even if only one warcaster can use them. They can only be PLAYED when that warcaster is the one used in the game.
----- FOR EXAMPLE: Epic Magnus can take many Cygnar models for his Bad Seeds tier list. They can be purchased and added to the detachment containing both Magnus and Epic Magnus, but can only be included in an army list in which Epic Magnus is leading.

And now a little fluff!


Drake MacBain sat in his command tent nursing a wound on his head while Asheth Magnus looked over the maps. MacBain had been ambushed by a force of the elves that were apparently fighting over the region as well, and Magnus' own ambush on the Khadorans had fallen apart and he had been forced to flee. Fiona the Black was moving to intercept a force of Menite zealots, and they both hoped that she would fare better than they had.

Magnus shook his head and looked at Macbain, "We need to take this little settlement over here," He points to a region on the map, "There is a chapterhouse for the Steelheads there, and we can replenish our forces. They also have some better warjack repair facilities. If we stay here we will just keep getting pushed back."

MacBain nodded a little, and winced from the pain that caused, the leaned over and pointed to the objective circled in the center of the map, "What about this damn town? We're supposed to be securing it, and those repair facilities would go a lot further toward repairing some of our 'jacks, I think."

Magnus rolled his eyes a little and growled, "The Syndicate hired me, and I'm paying you, so I will make the strategic calls." MacBain glowered at him, but nodded. Magnus continued, "We take the Steelhead depot, then blaze a path through this Khadoran territory and take the town. Winter is falling and will provide good cover for our movements. We can get all the way to the hamlet without being detected, and once entrenched can hold it and use it resupply. That damn Thamarite has been fighting the Menites too much - I think she's developing a vendetta. I'm pulling her further north for the winter, and either you or I will strike that hamlet and take the outpost."

MacBain stood up, towering a fair bit taller then the other warcaster and nodded, "Whatever you say, boss. I'll get my lot fired up on your mark and ready to go. You know I'm a stickler for my paper, but Fiona's less predictable. Take some advice and be careful with her. She's not in this for the money." And with that he pushed the tent flap open and walked out, bellowing "Steinhammer! Get your pint-sized ass in gear and fire up that tin can of yours! We leave within the hour!"

Magnus watched him go and just shook his head. Winter would not be kind to him and his, and he wondered how badly things would go before his underlings decided that coin wasn't enough motivation to fight any more.

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