Monday, July 18, 2011

Ending the Campaign

The campaign ends after the Showdown for the Autumn season of the second year (8 campaign rounds from now). At this time, whoever has the most Campaign Points will be the winner.

Campaign Points are gained through holding territory.
- Every territory held grants 1 Campaign Point
- Holding your Faction Headquarters Territory is worth an additional Campaign Point.
- Holding any of the 3 Town territories (The territories containing the Great Temple [GT], the Field Hospital [H], and the Repair Yard [Y]) is worth 1 additional Campaign Point for each territory.
- Holding ALL 3 Town territories is worth 1 additional Campaign Point, in addition to the bonuses for each territory. (This means that holding all 3 Town territories at the end of campaign is worth 7 points, 8 for the Protectorate Player).

I'll see about trying to come up with some sort of sweet victory prize for the winner if we want, but you guys will probably need to chip in 5 or 10 bucks depending on how sweet we want it to be.

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