Monday, June 6, 2011

Campaign Round 1

So I got most of the campaign worked out and we wrapped up Round 1 and started Round 2 this past Saturday. After an exhausting day I played 4 games, 2 in Round 1 and 2 in Round 2. Unfortunately, I lost the ones in round 2, and what's worse, I rolled last for initiative, so I was defending each time. This means that I lost 2 territories right off the bat, and I have another game to play where I have a chance to defend, but not chance to gain anything. Rough round.

That's all right though. Mercs are scrappy and I'm sure I'll bounce back. I have no warjack bonds yet, but I haven't rolled for round 2 yet, so there's still a chance for that. I'll be adding a couple more balancing rules:
- The number of territories lost by a player in the previous round will add to their initiative roll for the following round. This represents tactical retreats and preparation to strike back while the enemy is overextended. Functionally, it gives an advantage to the underdog and gives them more of a chance to push back.
- After determining initiative order, the second player will get to place 1 linear obstacle-type of terrain within 20" of any game they are defending, the third player will get to place 2, and the fourth player will get to place 3.

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