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Ambush in the Eastern Thornwood

Ambush in the Eastern Thornwood

An Epic UNBOUND Encounter

Supreme Kommandant Irusk looked out over the ruins of the village of Birchwood disapprovingly. His intelligence had told him that this was a thriving town that would make a good forward kommand post and base of operations for the Eastern Thornwood south of Northguard. What met him when he arrived, however, was anything but thriving – a desolate, eerily silent graveyard of broken walls and smoldering ruins next to the quietly gurgling river. His scouts reported that there were still a number of supply caches in the town, but that there were no signs of life anywhere to be found.

After thinking for a moment, Irusk decided that the town would still suit his purposes – it was ideally located, easily defensible, and could be easily repopulated once he achieved control of the area – the farmlands he had passed still looked largely intact. He had brought a large contingent of his army with him with the intention of using them to establish his base camp here, and it would make little sense to leave now.

He ordered his troops forward, and they began to advance on the town, weapons drawn but not as alert as they probably should have been. That changed when he heard the screams from up ahead. There were terrifying shrieks, an explosion of green balefire, and suddenly the mystery of what had happened to the town became much more easily solved. From the far side of the ruins and from the edge of the forest came hordes of Cryxian thralls and helljacks, charging forward like things possessed. Irusk mentally stoked his warjacks to full combat readiness and began yelling out orders to take positions. Today was going to be bloody indeed.


The town of Birchwood is a strategically vital area on the edges of the eastern Thornwood Forest, situated near a small river and surrounded by farmland. Control of the town would be a huge strategic boon to whoever held it, allowing control over both the interior of the Thornwood from there, and also the surrounding countryside. Khadoran forces are moving in to solidify their grasp on the town, but when they arrive they find the town destroyed, and Cryxian forces laying in wait for them. A pitched battle commences, with two massive armies fighting for control of the ruins of Birchwood.

Scenario: Control the City

The table is divided into 12 control zones (see map). A player controls a zone if he has models in it and there are no opposing models in it at the end of one of his turns. A player earns 1 point for controlling a zone on his side of the table, and 2 points for controlling a zone on the opponent’s side of the table.

The first player to 20 points wins. The death of all the opposing warcasters/warlocks is NOT a win condition (though it'll probably help you considerably).


- This is an UNBOUND scenario, and follows the rules presented in No Quarter magazine.

- Be wary of effects that last for a turn, as the turn structure is different!

- Terrain is largely determined by the scenario. One side of the river is ruined city, one side is forest and farmland. Don’t whine about it, plan your army around it.

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