Thursday, April 14, 2011

C-c-c-cage match!

All right, so after some initial playtesting, I've created what I feel to be a pretty fun and functional set of rules for the Cage Match game type. I made it almost as a joke at my LGS, but it's gotten really popular, with frequent games, almost never with fewer than 4 players. It's simple, brutal, and relatively fast, while showcasing those fun wrestling move power attacks that most players ignore in larger games. Anyway, here are the version 2 rules:


C-c-c-caaaage Match!

Gladiatorial Combat for Warmachine and Hordes

Concept: A gladiatorial arena where cheering onlookers scream as warcasters and warlocks bring titanic ‘jacks and ‘beasts together in a brutal shower of blood and oil for their amusement.

Game Size: 15 points, Mangled Metal/Tooth and Claw rules, 2-4 players (ideally)

Scenario: The Octagon: Mark a circle with radius 12” from the center of the table. This functions like a Killbox starting at the end of the last player’s 3rd turn.

Terrain: There should be a rough ring of hard terrain (walls, etc) marking the edge of the Killbox, as well as other pieces that encourage throws, slams, and other things to get bonus damage and points.

Scoring: Unlike a normal game, the goal here is to please the onlookers with violent displays, rather than just quick kills. Whoever has the most points at the end of the match wins! In the case of a tie, whoever got the most caster kills (or the final kill, in the case of a tie) wins.

Points can be gotten in the following ways:

- Performing a successful Slam, arm/headlock, headbutt, or one or two-handed throw: 1 pt

- Gaining an additional damage die from collisions with terrain or other models: 1pt

- Destroying a model with a Slam, one- or two-handed throw, or headbutt: 1 pt

- Killing a warcaster/warlock in Round 1: -3 pts

- Killing a warcaster/warlock in Round 2: -2 pts

- Killing a warcaster/warlock in Round 3: -1 pts

Ending the game: The game is over when there is only one warcaster/warlock in play. Alternately, players could agree on a point limit.

NOTE: Only actual power attacks grant the point bonuses. Weapon or spell effects that have effects like power attacks (Combo Smite on a Marauder or Thunderbolt on Caine) do not provide points by themselves – but they could generate a point from inflicting an additional die of damage! Furthermore, power attacks generated from chain attacks still count as power attacks for the purposes of generating points.

OPTIONAL RULE: The Whim of the Crowd

Roll a d6 at the beginning of each round to see what the Crowd demands! Apply the effect to ALL players for that round.

- 1: Hold him back!

--- Arm/headlock power attacks give an additional +1 pt.

- 2: Use the Chair!

--- A warjack or warbeast with the Open Fist ability can choose to use a melee weapon in one hand during its activation. The weapon has a POW of 4 and the Knockdown ability.

- 3: Kick him when he’s down!

--- Weapons with the Open Fist ability gain Trash (additional die of damage against knocked down models)

- 4: Clobberin’ Time!

--- Friendly warjacks and warbeasts gain +2 to Slam, headbutt, or one or two-handed throw damage rolls.

- 5: Give him mercy!

--- If a player destroys an enemy warcaster or warlock, they suffer -1 pt.

- 6: Finish Him!

--- If a warcaster or warlock destroys an enemy warcaster or warlock, they receive +1 pt.

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