Friday, April 12, 2013

Freshly Married and some Commissions

I'm married, honeymooned, and back into miniatures! You know, the important thing in my life, right?

Anyway, I painted Aiyana and Holt for myself while waiting for some info to start commissions:

I'm pretty pleased with how they turned out. Nothing super fancy, but should look pretty nice on the table. And I can use them! Playing fully painted armies is a pain sometimes. :-/

I have taken on a number of commission, including the current monster project, painting roughly one zillion Tyranids.

Ugh, what have I agreed to? That's not even kind of all of them (some are already done, some are giant Hive Tyrants that are on the main painting desk. Some of them were previously painted, but I will be painting the others and re-painting them all to match.

The color scheme on the right was painted on some of the 'Nids in the box of partially assembled and broken models I was given, and the customer decided that he wanted to go with it. My version is on the left, including some gloss varnish on the armor. I really like the effect, and will be posting up more pictures as I complete things. I'm hoping to have 20 Termagaunts finished today, out of about 40 I have to paint. The Hormagaunts will probably be last, since they are at least painted in the inferior scheme (and I'd have to strip them down to repaint them anyway). Next might be the Genestealers, or even some of the bigger things like the Tyrant Guards.

In any case, it's an exciting prospect to be making money painting, even if it's at a cut-rate so as to build a portfolio. With any small amount of luck, word of mouth and a few postings of finished armies will expand the business and I can actually make a living doing this!

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  1. Put some white makeup on Holt and Gotham will never be the same again!