Monday, March 4, 2013

Wedding Cake Toppers

Been a few weeks, but wedding stuff has made me put all miniatures on the back burner...well, almost all of them! My fiance and I decided we wanted unique cake toppers, but didn't want to pay out the nose for super unique custom ones. As a result, we got two cool ones that were high-fiving, then I did some modifications and painting to get them to look more or less like us. 

When they're both facing forward they totally look like the Argonath. But I'd say that compared with how they started they look pretty good. They're in the wedding colors, including the flowers, I have sideburns and glasses, Jackie has brown hair and a ribbon on the back of her dress. The rings are picked out pretty well, too. With any luck we'll get a comment or two at the wedding from people excited that they look like us.

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