Wednesday, October 17, 2012

IKRPG Figs Part 1: Rust Bucket

The IKRPG has me incredibly hyped, and the other day James and I started talking about his character, a Rhulic Arcane Mechanik/Field Mechanik. He comes with a light laborjack, and after much discussion back and forth, we decided that a straightforward loadout of a halberd would be the best option, the deciding factor being that we wouldn't need to purchase more ammunition for it. We also talked about putting a crane on it to assist in salvage operations in the field, and since my character has a bit of gold on hand, I decided to "invest" it in this crane, since successful salvage in the field = more money/assets, I figured it would become a long-term investment. Eventually we'll probably put a shield on the thing and look into upgrading the cortex, but given what we can find in the field those are all maybes. Anyway, I'm sure you're more interested in pics than talk, so I present to you the most metallic member of Salvador Duranti's Preemptive Salvage Specialists: Rust Bucket!

I am incredibly pleased with how it turned out, in particular the crane. I saw a design online for a crane that really inspired me, and after spending some time looking at old steam-powered railroad cranes I bodged this together out of scraps of styrene I had laying around. The halberd is another great bodged together bit that James and I did, with the main haft being the right arm from an old metal Lancer, then adding a Kriel Warrior Leader Right Arm blade and the back side of the polearm from the IKRPG figure of the Ogrun Fighter.

Hope you enjoy, more pics later when it's painted.

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