Saturday, August 20, 2011

Unbound Scenario

After the last post, I figure I ought to do what I actually logged on to do, and that's post up the Unbound scenario I have been preparing to play with Dave.


Fire and Advance

The rain was miserable, but oddly fitting for the current circumstances. Captain Amador Damiano sat in his command bunker warming himself by the fire emanating from an old Nomad boiler set against the wall when Stannis Brocker came in. He was soaked to the bone and clearly unhappy, but he was a soldier first and foremost, and he was being paid a ludicrous sum of money to be there, just like everyone else.

“Just got word that we attack as soon as the rain lets up. Better start prepping your 'jacks. I already let Magnus know.” A nod from Damiano and he slipped back out the door of the bunker. They had all been hired by a mysterious benefactor, who had turned out to be Cryx, to attack a Khadoran fortification. They had rather dismally poor information about their true objective, but what they lacked in information they had been compensated for with gold. Cryx always paid its mercenaries extremely well, and they had hired an army this time. Between Damiano with his warjacks, Magnus with his, and Stannis Brocker and his full contingent of Steelhead Halberdiers, Riflemen, and Heavy Cavalry, Damiano shuddered to think at the full bill for the services of the mercenaries here, and that did not even include the not insubstantial Cryxian forces that accompanied them as well.

It was good that they had an army, though – when they had gotten to their objective, it was an army that they sought to attack. Both sides had dug in quickly, and the rains set in before anyone had the chance to make a move. It had been three days now and the rain was finally letting up a bit, even though much of the battlefield had been turned to mud.

They were woefully short on information about their foe, but they knew about what lay between them – a maze of obstacles, barbed wire, craters, and trenches, with the looming remains of a great cathedral that was now mostly torn to bits. Regardless, taking that structure and digging in would be almost as valuable as taking the command trench the Khadorans were camped in. Further away, Damiano knew that there was a large Khadoran artillery piece that was theoretically still operational. While exposed and not as important for taking the field of battle by itself, commanding the canon would allow them to turn it on their enemies, shelling them with high explosives and clearing the way for their other forces.

Damiano listen to the rain lightening on the roof of the bunker and looked out. Visibility was improving, and he could make out the shadow of the cathedral ruins ahead of him. He mentally connected with his warjacks and prepared them for battle, their furnaces roaring to life. His troops began to stir from their shelters and ready themselves, and he was sure the Khadorans were doing the same. It would be a bloody day, and one that he felt would end with their gold being hard-earned.

Two armies try to take the opponent's command trench as well as fight over a ruined building in the center, all while under heavy shelling.

Terrain and Objectives:
See map below. Each side has a command trench 14” from the side table edge, with the front of it 10” from the back of their deployment zone. There is a 50mm objective in the center of the table, surrounded by a large ruined building. There is a Khador Avalanche-class canon on the far side of the field (opposite the trenches). Terrain should be trench warfare type and/or ruined city type (barbed wire, sandbags, ruined walls, shallow water, etc).

A player scores 1 point when he has models in the opponent's command trench at the end of the round and his opponent has no models in the trench.

A player scores 1 point when he has a model in B2B with the center objective at the end of the round, and there are no enemy models within 4” of the objective. If the model is part of a unit, all remaining members of the unit must be within 4” of the objective to score the point.

The first player to score 3 points, and have more points than the other player, wins.

Special Rules:
Heavy Artillery: If there is a friendly non-incorporeal model in B2B with the Khador canon and no non-incorporeal enemy models in B2B, the model can perform a Fire! Special Action. Designate a point on the map. This point cannot be closer than 12” from any part of the canon's base. Roll a d6 for deviation direction (oriented facing directly away from the canon) and a d6 for distance. Center a 5” AOE on the resulting spot. All models in the AOE take a POW 14 blast damage roll.

A player gains +1 to round initiative for each territory he controls (has models in it and there are no enemy models in it).

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