Monday, January 31, 2011

Tournament on Saturday

Well, this is a test of the new Google Chrome extension I installed. We'll see if it works!


Anyway, I'm really excited about the upcoming 50pt tournament in Riverside this weekend. I'm making an effort to make less "competitive" lists and more lists that are just fun to put down and play. There's a guy who's been at Brookhurst lately (i should really learn his name...) who is really enjoyable to play against. He marks the game by the pile of dead models on both sides of the table, and how much cool stuff happened. It's something I've kind of lost at times, and it's refreshing to just play to have fun. To this end I'll be running pDoomshaper with a maxed unit of Scattergunners this time around, and I've gotten the entire 50 point list painted up (the most recent of which were the Scattergunners themselves, actually). I still need to base some models, but I'm excited to submit my models to the "fully painted" drawing. 


The fact that I'm using Trolls at all is kind of a fluke. I had hoped to start using Mercenaries (specifically Magnus), starting with this tournament, but between needing to get a ton of them painted and simply not being motivated to really get on that, I was already wavering. Then Pat told me that he wanted to play in the tournament, but lacked the models to get from 35 pts to 50. Weeeeelllllllll, that's a max unit of Steelhead Halberdiers and a max unit of Steelhead riflemen, so I decided to give up even bothering with Mercs and just going with Trolls, who I have recently painted and am excited to take out. I'll probably lose disastrously (my test game on Thursday night went...shall we say poorly?), but I think it'll be really enjoyable. There should be several painted armies at the tournament, and that'll make it a really fun and photogenic experience.

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  1. At this point, yours will make 3 that I know of for sure :p I'm excited for Saturday too. Should be fun.