Thursday, November 4, 2010

"Impossible" Dream all right

Yeah, so this challenge is going poorly so far. It's the 4th of November and I'm behind. I've got 2 of my Krielstone members (the stone and one scribe) done-ish, and I'm hoping that the rest will go faster now that I have the scheme worked out. I've had to simplify the color palette, but I think it's a solid choice and looks pretty good. Once I get the details painted on it'll be great.

In other news, It appears that I'm officially making a game. Not a campaign for D&D or anything, but an actual game, with the intent to sell it. It's called Tir Cayad, and I'm co-creator with Adam Rosenblum. It's a three-tiered game, with an RPG tier, a skirmish-level tier, and a war-level tier. So far we're just looking at the RPG aspect, since it'll be the most complex (and the basis for the higher two levels), but it's shaping up to be something entirely new. I've never seen a system like this before, but it's certainly influenced by other things. The skill tree smacks a little of Diablo II, the attributes are more like WoD than D&D, but all in all it's very original. I'll post more when I have more to show for it, but we're hoping by next week to have a functional system we can stumble through for a basic RPG experience.

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  1. sounds pretty cool. Can't wait to hear about it. I'm still waiting on those pictures you've been talking about for all this painting of yours :p