Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Great News Everybody!

Man, SoCal Smackdown was so awesome. I played in every single Warmachine tournament they had, and am only now starting to recover. It was a hell of a weekend, and I'm so freakin' stoked about the fun I had and the new friends I met.

I also discovered a new game at SoCal Smackdown (much to Jackie's chagrin), called Rezolution. It's a pretty cool little Sci-Fi cyberpunk miniatures game, about on the scale of Malifaux in terms of models on the table. I really liked the minis, and in talking with the creator of it he gave me a rulebook for it and a couple freebies. Well, after that I was pretty much forced to buy a box set.

I've already painted 2.5 of the 6 miniatures that came with it, and I'm really blown away by it. Not only do I think I've done an excellent job painting them, but they're just really cool little models. I got some CSO Peacekeepers, and am in the process of painting them up into little cyberpunk commandos, something of a cross between the colonial marines from Aliens and the Clone Commandos from the Clone Wars cartoon (the Genndy Tartakovsky one) and Republic Commando.

This would all mostly just be for fun, since no one plays the game that I know of, but the rules actually lend itself well to an idea I've been throwing around - a campaign-driven, miniatures based RPG-ish game played one scenario at a time. I talked with Patrick from Brookhurst and he said he's into it, and we'll probably get a couple others in on it too. It'll probably play out similar to a tabletop version of SWAT Aftermath or Alien Swarm, and if so that's exactly what I'm looking for - badass dudes in armor with guns, working as a team against an NPC foe, all with a slight narrative bent and a very cinematic feel.

If I can accomplish this, it'll be spectacular.

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